Stop Hiring The Wrong People: インタビュー時に必ず聞く5つの事。

When conducting an interview, you might find a number of prospects appealing. However, some of these promising applicants turn out to be bad hires. Knowing the key traits among interviewees is essential in finding the right person. Your interview should contain these five important questions to help you decide better who will be right for the job.

1. How would you summarize your life?

USA Today wrote that the question is a variation of the usual “Tell me about yourself” inquiry. Give the interviewee up to three minutes to explain his experiences and life-changing decisions. You will understand a few remarkable things and traits that the applicant have that will help your decision.

2. What do you think about … (a current event)?

The question will test whether the applicant stays updated about global and news and important events that affect the industry and the world as a whole. You need someone who stays abreast with goings-on regularly even without being required to do so. It shows initiative and concern.

3. What are your life and career principles?

Knowing the person’s virtues and guiding principles will help you determine whether he is a good fit for the company or not. Check if the applicant’s own ideas and beliefs match the objectives and mission statement of the company.

4. How much do you expect to earn?

The question is essential for both the interviewer and the applicant. It offers to settle the financial issues and provides both parties more room to negotiate from the beginning. You will be able to provide value to the applicant and compare it with his professional and educational background.

5. Do you have any questions?

Forbes reported that employees have a number of useful questions they wish they had asked during the interview. You should focus on applicants who have questions after the interview because it shows that they did their research and have specific concerns on how they should do their job. It shows how interested they truly are in getting the position.

These simple but important interview questions will help you find the right person who will truly contribute to the company and save you a lot of time and effort in hiring. This phase is the key part of the hiring process. Make the moment count. 


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