Ideas of Love

愛とは何か https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kUoTS3Yo4gIdeas of Love

we mistake the idea of love for attachment, We I imaging that the attachemt is love. Grasp and clinging
that we have  in our relashionship show that we love.  where it's acutually just attachment which causes pain. the more grasp, more we afraid to lose them, if we lose we are going to suffer. Attachment love is said I love you so I want you to make me happy. Genuine love, I love you there fore I want you to be happy
if that includes me great, if doesnt includes me I just want your happiness.
Attachment is holding very tight, Genuine love is holding very gently nurtunirng but allowing things to flow not to be held tight. The more tight we hold on to other more we will suffer. 

Idealy people should come together already feeling fulfiling themself within themself , and just therefore appriciating other rather than expecting other to supply that sense of well being which they don't feel on their own.....


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